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Our Philosophy

Delta Financial Group, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor providing independent investment advice.  As a Registered Investment Advisor, DELTA must always work in a fiduciary capacity and as such, we are legally bound to act in the best interest of each of our clients.  Absolute loyalty to the client is required by law.  Also, in contrast to a sales relationship, a fiduciary relationship requires the full disclosure of all conflicts of interest that could interfere with our ability to provide unbiased investment advice.  

DELTA is compensated by investment management fees based upon a percentage of account size.  We do not earn commissions for buying or selling investments.  Our clients prefer this method of compensation because it keeps our interest aligned with those of our clients.  It encourages us to remain focused upon investment performance, tax avoidance, risk management, and expense control rather than upon the generation of trading volume.  

At DELTA we believe in long-term investing.  Our goal is to achieve superior returns with low or moderate risk.  We strive to beat the markets during periods of poor or average market performance.  Since our portfolios are managed with an eye toward controlling risk, during abnormally strong periods our performance may lag.  Our portfolios are designed to be "all-weather" portfolios which can withstand market storms while providing consistent performance.   

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide personalized service and advice to each client.  We go to great lengths to obtain the information necessary to properly understand each client’s objectives, constraints and special needs.